Our aim is to surprise and delight you!

The flowerbar will seduce you over and over with freshly cut flowers and container plants styled in that joyful way. Floral abundance is let loose flowing out of the storefront into the mall where the scents, colours, and shapes entice you to linger and even walk spontaneously into the flowerbar to explore more. 

We created a place of small surprises, beautifully presented flowers, tea and cakes and home fragrances. Styling revision inspired by the small floral boutiques in Europe. 

We want you to enjoy and feel welcome on every occasion with small tables and chairs that spill into the mall area, and a piano to create a lovely area to sit. Discover the value in fresh flowers & fragrances every day that will dramatically animate as well as invigorate your home and in turn, bring you a gift of positiveness and wellbeing.

What's on Today
Tuesday 21st November

There are no public events today at the Flowerbar. Please check out our "What's On Today" Calendar for other in-store events.

What's New

Nourish your body with OrganiQ! OrganiQ is a South Australian business using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. 

What's on Special

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